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Tips for indoor winter gardening

With garden and greenhouse enthusiasts having to move their activities indoors out of the snow and icy cold, growers have been given some tips on how to care for houseplants.

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, now is a good time to check houseplants for signs of damage or insects.

As well as examining existing plants, it is also beneficial to inspect those you intend to purchase from garden centres or other retailers.

"The plant should have healthy, lush green foliage and should exhibit no signs of wilting or droopiness," the article advised.

When bringing it home, wrap it in a paper bag or newspaper to insulate it from the cold and prevent injury.

Keeping plants away from draughts and removing faded blooms will help keep them alive for longer and produce more flowering buds.

It is also important to keep plants hydrated without over watering and soil should be moist without excessive water.

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