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New varieties of plants can be very colorful

There are so many approaches to gardening that green-fingered enthusiasts can be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an approach to stick with. However, creating a colorful space in a greenhouse is undoubtedly an option that holds near-universal appeal. This can particularly be the case for those who are looking to give their […]

Viola Denim is a stunning purple flower

When gardening for food, green-fingered enthusiasts typically turn to the obvious choices – herbs and vegetables, for instance. However, why not be a little more adventurous and try and hunt down something a little more unusual? Not only will this make your greenhouse stand out a little bit more, but it could also impress dinner […]

Clematis ‘can still be planted in hot weather’

When out and about finding new plants to add to a garden, it would be perfectly understandable for keen green-fingered enthusiasts to be attracted to something that is not currently in season. Needless to say, this can lead to problems upon returning home, as nobody wants to see their new wildlife start to wilt straight […]

Bee orchids ‘are a treat for gardeners’

When selecting what plants to focus on in a greenhouse, gardening enthusiasts are more than spoilt for choice. The orchid is one solid option – and has been a perennial hit for many years. Indeed, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in the UK recently took advantage of glasshouses to create a hot green space to […]

Growing daisies ‘will require full sun’

One of the many tasks facing gardeners up and down the country is the careful management of plants. This can involve everything from careful cultivation and maintenance – such as pruning unwanted shoots and leaves – to ensuring that the plant is exposed to the right conditions. The most common kind of daisy is characterised […]

Earthworms ‘can be a boost for greenhouse gardeners’

Greenhouse gardeners have such a wide range of techniques to make the most of the plants at their disposal that it would be easy to overlook some considerations. Earthworms are typically associated with natural habitats, but they can easily be introduced to artificial environments. This can be tremendously beneficial to gardeners and can really help […]

Gardeners ‘can aid butterfly populations’

There are many things that appeal to people about getting to work outdoors and improving their green spaces. Green-fingered enthusiasts use their garden for a wide range of purposes – from growing fruit and veg to creating a beautiful array of flowers, to simply creating an area to impress the neighbors and entertain guests in. […]

Moles ‘can benefit gardeners’

Moles are often seen as little more than pests by green-fingered enthusiasts – and there certainly are a wide range of reasons for this. The subterranean creatures burrow lawns and raise mole hills, which can undermine plant roots and inadvertently cause damage or death. However, gardening expert Roger Mercer has argued that mole populations are […]