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Society garlic and borage are classic greenhouse herbs

Of all the many options open to greenhouse growers when it comes to choice of plant, it could be argued that one of the most satisfying is producing things you can then go on to eat.  Herbs are possibly the most straightforward of these edible plants – and they perform very well in a greenhouse.  […]

Hydrangeas are high-value plants for a greenhouse

When thinking of a new plant to grow in a greenhouse, it is easy to be completely overwhelmed by the wide range of choices available. Far more than any other gardener, greenhouse growers are totally spoilt for choice – and there are many reasons for this. The fact that a greenhouse grants a degree of […]

There’s no better way to grow basil than in a greenhouse

Growing herbs in a greenhouse is arguably one of the most satisfying ways you can put the controlled gardening environment to use. This is because you get all of the satisfaction of growing some plants all of your own from seed – and herbs are renowned for being particularly aromatic, which is a desirable characteristic […]

US opens up to tomato grafting

Many plants benefit from the controlled growing environment that a greenhouse brings, but it is always extremely satisfying when you develop a tough-to-grow crop for the table. Grafted heirloom tomatoes are this year’s cultivation craze. Although grafting has its detractors, it helps you get the incredible taste of an plump-looking Brandywine (Solanum lycopersicum) combined with […]

Recreate wild conditions when growing mint in a greenhouse

There are many potential uses for a greenhouse – and the fact that you can grow a very wide range of plants outside their typical habitat means that it is a popular choice for a wide range of gardening purposes.  However, arguably one of the most satisfying uses for this kind of controlled gardening environment […]

On the Hunt for Unusual Edible Plants—author Ellen Zachos shows how

Who knew you could be an intrepid plant hunter in your own backyard? Ellen Zachos, that’s who. In her new book, Backyard Foraging—65 Familiar Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat, Ellen describes a variety of edibles, from the more common—Jerusalem artichokes, elderberries and crab apples—to those in the “who knew?” category. Written in an […]