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Shrubbery—Plants That Work More, So You Work Less

Years ago, as a beginning gardener, I visited a British friend in northern California. Her country garden surrounded her house, a symphony of color and texture. I knew she took care of it herself. What was her secret? She leaned toward me, and in her terrific accent whispered, “Shrubbery.” I’ve never forgotten. Now, any time […]

Cooling an Overheated Greenhouse – not just a summertime problem.

In colder climates, the fall is a good time to kill a few plants. It happens when you close your greenhouse at night because a frost is forecast and then forget to open it in the morning before the sun heats it up very hot. I did that a few weeks ago when I had […]

What’s a leaf and what’s a work of art? Or maybe they both are.

That’s the idea that seems to underlie the exhibitions of art glass by Dale Chihuly that travel to botanical gardens around the world. In September, I saw the latest version at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on a tour as part of the annual conference of the Association of Garden Communicators. The fantastic and colorful glass […]

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Spider lilies and Peruvian Daffodils

You need a heated greenhouse or conservatory where the temperature never drops below 20°C/70°F to safely grow these rare bulbous plants known in Latin as Hymenocallis. Very closely related to Amaryllis (note the similar strap like leaves) these are amongst the most beautiful of flowers carrying a heavy vanilla perfume to add to their pristine […]