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Tips for Growing Greenhouse Seedlings That Thrive

Struggling with supplemental lights and squeezing plant flats into your house or apartment can make growing seedlings a challenge–but greenhouse gardeners enjoy the benefits of planting in environments ideal for their purpose. Whether you grow under glass or not, here’s how to insure your plants turn out the best they can. As in so many […]

New book for Florida gardeners

Florida garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested in a new horticulture book from Lynette Waither. Florida Gardening On The Go is published by University Press of Florida and costs $22.95, newschief.com revealed. The online resource recommended the book as a great addition to growers‘ libraries and suggested that it could be the ideal publication […]

Use a container garden for small areas

Garden and greenhouse fans with little space to work may benefit from growing a container garden, it has been claimed. According to Associated Content, there are two types of containers that can be used – hanging varieties and those based on the ground. The online resource has a number of tips for those wishing to […]

Start veg off in the greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts planning to grow vegetables should make an early start to help establish plants before they are moved outside. This can be done by using the heat of the greenhouse or a sunny windowsill to grow seeds into saplings, the Record Searchlight explained. Doing so will reduce the chances of the seeds […]

Oklahoma garden and greenhouse enthusiasts invited to event

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in the state of Oklahoma may be interested in attending a forthcoming event to help them get up to speed on the latest fashions in the growing world. Taking place in the Meinders Hall of Mirrors in Civic Centre Music Hall, the Oklahoma Gardening School will be presented by the Myriad […]

Let trees straighten themselves out

Memphis, Tennessee, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some hints for dealing with issues facing growers. Those whose trees have been covered with snow for an extended period of time may find that they have bent under the added weight. However, it may not be a good idea to stake them, the Commercial Appeal […]

Cooper’s horticultural treat for V-Day

Garden and greenhouse fans might take a leaf out of a Hollywood star‘s book and treat a loved one in a special way this St Valentine‘s Day. The most romantic day of the year can present problems in finding a unique way to surprise the object of your desires, but Valentine‘s Day actor Bradley Cooper […]

California greenhouse enthusiasts given tips

California garden and greenhouse fans have been given some growing tips for the month of February. According to the Los Angeles Times, it is an ideal time to plant winter vegetables, but it may still be too wet to be trudging around the flower beds. Wet soil compacts easily and this can restrict plant growth […]

Now the time to plan garden and greenhouse growth

At this time of year, many gardeners spend time in their home or greenhouse leafing through magazines and catalogues planning how they would like their green space to appear during the warmer months. According to the Kansas City Star, not much grows in late winter and the time should be used to construct a battle […]

Mississippi Greenhouse enthusiasts encouraged to step up learning

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in the Adams County area of Mississippi have been encouraged to attend the upcoming Master Gardener classes. The programme begins later this month and helps horticulture fans to become more adept at their hobby, the Natchez Democrat reported. The Adams County Master Gardeners held their first class nine years ago and […]