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Plants ‘need protecting in the winter’

With winter around the corner – and the harsh climate conditions that it typically brings with it – gardeners will need to start giving some serious thought to preparing for their plants. Whatever lies in store, protecting plants is important so as to ensure that they emerge unscathed and ready for the spring. Celebrated landscape […]

Take advantage of fall color in the garden

While the fall may mean that there is slightly less planting to do around the garden for green-fingered enthusiasts, that does not leave nothing to do at the colder time of the year. The season is not without charms of its own – and professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson has claimed that now […]

Gardeners ‘should plan ahead for next year’

There is a great deal of work for green-fingered enthusiasts to be getting on with throughout the fall, particularly now the summer has firmly given way to the colder conditions of the end of the year. However, the importance of planning ahead for next year's gardening activities should not be understated. Mark Diacono, who runs […]

Bulbs ‘should be planted now for spring blooms’

Planning ahead is one of the major considerations to take into account when gardening throughout the winter. Many plants need to be placed in the soil now so they can develop throughout the colder season and bloom next spring. Professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson has claimed that now is the time to plant […]

Shaded areas ‘should be used carefully’

An expert has suggested that gardening enthusiasts make careful use of the opportunities presented to them by shaded spots. Stephen Lacey, garden writer, lecturer, broadcaster and a plantsman with a particular interest in planting design, claimed that this can be a particular issue at this time of year. Indeed, as the summer weather is retreating […]

Farwest’s Best Plants for Next Year – start your wish list now

In most parts of the country, autumn signals the end of the gardening season. Tender plants are stored in greenhousesand garages. Borders get a winter mulch. Even in warmer climates, it’s time for a break. But wait—there’s more. Here are five award-winning plants that I saw introduced in the recent New Varieties Showcase at Portland Oregon’s […]

‘Not too late’ to make the most of pumpkins

While many pumpkins may have been picked and carved up for Halloween displays by now, gardeners could still be keeping some aside for culinary purposes. These are likely to still be growing – and there are plenty of tasks to be getting on with for green-fingered enthusiasts if they wish to make the most of […]