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Garden Club of America celebrates centenary at Chelsea

The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the biggest and most prestigious events on the annual gardening calendar and the 2013 run – which came to a close at the end of last week (May 25th) – was no exception. Despite being hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) across the Atlantic in the heart […]

Nasturtium ‘are perfect for hanging baskets’

Nasturtium is a genus of seven plant species that comes from the cabbage family – and it has been singled out as being ideal options for those who are looking for something to populate hanging baskets with. It was suggested that they could also be well suited to potting – and in either case they are a […]

Scientist encourages gardeners to make friends with snails

Gardeners are faced with a wide range of difficulties to overcome throughout the year – not least of which is the prevailing problem of pests. While it has to be acknowledged that gardens are inevitably going to become hotspots for all kinds of wildlife, some can become the bane of a green-fingered enthusiast’s life as […]

Chelsea Flower Show names Mahonia Plant of the Year

With so many widely varied species of plants and flowers to choose from, it can be very difficult to commit to a manageable number to grow.  Nowhere is this truer than in a greenhouse, where the individual has a much greater degree of control over the environment. Indeed, this gives them the ability to grow […]

Greenhouses are indispensable for growing auriculas

Gardeners are clearly spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out a set of plants – and never is this truer than for the greenhouse grower.  These controlled environments give the individual an unparalleled degree of control over the kind of conditions plants are subject to – and this has many advantages.  For instance, it […]


Is the younger generation clueless on gardening?

Gardening can be a very relaxing activity – especially in warmer climates like this one, when there is so much in bloom that it can be difficult to work out where best to start. However, it would appear that this impression might not be passed on to younger generations, as a new study has indicated […]

Setting greenhouses up for summer months

The delights of the fast-approaching summer months are likely to get green-fingered individuals in the mood to get their hands dirty in the garden, potting plants and making necessary additions to their greenhouses. But for many horticultural enthusiasts, this time of the year can mean drumming up inspiration for the direction to take their outdoor […]

Solve Horticultural Conundrums with a Handy App—Editor Kathleen Brenzel Tells How

Why consider a gardening app? Let’s compare: The New Sunset Western Garden Book costs $23.47 at Amazon, features 768 pages, and weighs four pounds. The New Sunset Western Garden Book mobile app costs $19.99 through Inkling, totals one gigabyte, and weighs—well, how heavy is your phone or iPad? While the Sunset Western Garden Book has long been […]