Victorian Greenhouses

These exquisite Hartley products hearken back to the Victorian era with their impeccable style, practicality and commanding presence. Originally made from timber and wrought iron, Victorian greenhouses were a status symbol – a staple in many traditional English gardens. Today, modernized versions of these structures can be found in a wide range of gardens, both big and small, all over the world.The Hartley Botanic range of Victorian greenhouses caters to this universal desire for a stately garden structure, and does so with unbeatable quality and superior design. Featuring robust aluminum framework and slender glass paneling, a trademark of the Victorian era, these structures are both a joy to look at and a pleasure to work within.

Ample growing heights and spacious interiors come as standard throughout the Victorian range. Choose whichever product best suits your needs – a Victorian Grand Classic can be used to pursue your hobby, while the Victorian Grand Lodge is ideal for a varied and well-established garden.

If you’re looking for a Grand statement piece to complete your garden, look no further than a Hartley Victorian greenhouse – the perfect combination of historic beauty and elegant architecture.