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Greenhouse enthusiasts given advice on water use

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts should think about which plants may require attention with a hose or watering can, even during periods of sustained or heavy rain, it has been suggested. According to the Examiner, containers can sometimes be tucked away in positions where precipitation finds it difficult to reach – such as in a porch […]

How to stop squirrels munching your fruit

A Pennsylvania newspaper has been advising gardeners how to stop squirrels nibbling their tomatoes. The Philadelphia Inquirer suggests the best way to protect fruit and veg from such critters without harming them is to put a protective barrier known as a soft fruit cage in place. It explained this can consist of metal poles supporting […]

Tips on growing healthy bananas

Bananas can be good as a source of potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and fibre, the Examiner reported recently. The online resource gave tips on how to incorporate the fruit into your diet, but horticulturalists may be more interested in the conditions needed to grow their own in their garden or greenhouse. According to Banana-Tree.com, […]

Be water-savvy, Minnesota gardeners told

Minnesota garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been urged to be savvy about how they water their plants. The recent dry weather has caused concern for the survival of species in a number of gardens, according to the Star Tribune. Readers were told to assess their plant list and prioritise those that need watering the most. […]

Gardeners can identify flowers with iPhone

Garden and greenhouse growers with an aptitude for gadgets may be interested in a new iPhone application. The FlowerPedia 1.0 software from Muli Mobile offers flower identification and information technology on the Apple handset. It allows horticulture fans to sift through photos and details of over 100,000 plants, belonging to 500 genera in more than […]

Edible Crops to Grow in Summer Greenhouses

As summer’s temperatures climb, it can seem hopeless to grow anything inside the greenhouse. But with adequate ventilation, there are actually some excellent candidates for these conditions. If you think in terms of plants that like the heat—there really are quite a few. You’ll need to decide whether to plant them in containers—these should be […]

Examiner looks at container gardening title

A gardening enthusiast has reviewed a book on container gardening, stating it stands out in a market that is saturated by similar titles. Organic Crops in Pots by Debora Schneebeli-Morrell achieves a good balance of being “pretty and productive”, according to the Examiner‘s Robin Wedewer. She explained the book contains the usual sections giving basic […]

Greenhouses may help peppers

The plants do best with daytime temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees F and night-time temperatures of around 60 degrees F, according to the Eureka and California Times-Standard. It advised Thai, jalapeno and Super Chillies do well in coastal regions and explained the peppers should be grown in full sunlight. The publication said : “If […]

Gardeners given growing tips by Centre for American Progress

Homeowners have been informed they can beautify their property by maintaining a well-kept garden. The Centre for American Progress gave a range of growing tips in an article yesterday (June 17th), which suggested people are realistic about what they can look after. It said horticulture lovers should not over plant in their garden and greenhouse […]

Extend your days with illumination, greenhouse enthusiasts told

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts saddened by the thought of the nights closing in again have been told installing lighting can extend their days. Illuminating the yard can give horticulture lovers an extra few hours in which to enjoy the fruits of their labour, according to the Examiner. Gardeners with a greenhouse may find working after […]

Horticulture fans given mint-growing tips

Greenhouse and garden growers have been advised against growing mint in the ground. The herb is easily grown, but should be kept to growing in pots, according to the Examiner. It explained the reason for this is the fact it will spread and can even take over the lawn due to its adaptability. Containers should […]