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Colorful Edible Flowers Add Zest to Festive Meals

A few years ago, a major lifestyle magazine—which I won’t name—featured a glistening Thanksgiving turkey on the cover. Decorative berries and leaves were tucked around the bird. How luscious. Not. Turns out the decorations were toxic to humans. The retraction was swift. No readers ate the fixings. But if the magazine crew had checked with […]

Growing Agapanthus (African Lily) Where Winters Are Cold

Species of the genus Agapanthus (sometimes commonly called African lilies) are favorite perennials in many parts of the world where winters remain mild. In these regions (hardiness zones 9 to 11), all these plants need to give a long-lasting display of beautiful blue, purple, or white flowers is moist, well-drained soil and plenty of sun. […]

Glitter is crushing us – Greenery is a soothing gift.

I brought the houseplants in from the garden late this year (thank you, weather gods, for a warm October with no freezing nights). As I did it, I was creating holiday gifts, without ever going near the stores where glittery Santas are swiftly replacing glittery pumpkins. I know several people who’ve recently moved, and I’m […]

Written in United Kingdom

Chinese Lanterns in your greenhouse

For a wonderful display in your greenhouse or conservatory all winter through you just cannot beat Chinese Lanterns. These are long stems festooned with numerous orange ‘flowers’ and so called as they so closely resemble brilliantly coloured paper decorations. Also known as Bladder Cherries Physalis alkekengi really are most distinctive and have been grown since […]