Solid-base Greenhouses

Much of the Hartley Botanic range is designed to stand on a concrete/stone or brick base, and of course we provide you with full plans to build this base with the help of your mason.

Once your base is constructed, you are ready to have your greenhouse frame delivered and its glazing installed – so why are concrete/stone or brick-base greenhouses such a good option?

A solid and level base makes good sense for any greenhouse, and Hartley Botanic greenhouses erected on concrete/stone or brick-bases will typically outlast the less robust structures you often see in gardens.

The concrete/stone or brick base does not necessarily need to extend far above ground level. However, some models include several layers of brickwork, to create a kind of modesty screen around the bottom of your glasshouse, and this semi-walled effect can be seen in many of our most popular greenhouses.

With a low-level concrete/stone or brick wall, your greenhouse gains an extra aesthetic effect, and you can keep tools and other supplies, as well as any ground-level plants, hidden from view.   The concrete/stone or brick wall also acts as a thermal mass when during the daytime, the concrete/stone or brick wall absorb heat from the sun and during the night, they act as a heat sink to release passive heat into the greenhouse.

For new-build properties in particular, you have the opportunity to construct your concrete/stone or brick base using materials that match your main home – helping your Hartley Botanic greenhouse to look like a truly permanent part of your property.

Concrete/stone or brick-base greenhouse considerations 

There are just a couple of extra things to bear in mind when planning to build a concrete/stone or brick-base greenhouses in your garden.

First of all, how big is your completed glasshouse going to be?

For smaller structures, a single-skin concrete or brick base is adequate, whereas larger buildings may need a double-thickness wall for stability; the plans Hartley provides will indicate the proper minimum thickness of the walling.

You may also want to consider building out from the front of your greenhouse, to the height of the concrete/stone or brickwork, and this creates an excellent opportunity to install extra cold frames and storage space.

Hartley Planthouses

The Hartley Planthouse is a free standing small Greenhouse with a unique manufacturing system. The result is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing Greenhouse. This contemporary small Greenhouse is available in 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft wide with a length to suit.

Opus Botanic

Superior specification sets this glasshouse apart from all others. Concealed engineering, more desirable wider glass panes with an aesthetically pleasing blended linear design, create a great contemporary look and feel, guaranteeing your garden will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours.