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How to attract hummingbirds

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may want know that attracting wildlife to their green space is a vital component of their activities. Floridians hoping to encourage hummingbirds to visit their property could be interested in a recent article in the Florida Times Union. According to the newspaper, there are only three out of 338 known species […]

Denver growers encouraged to visit website

A Denver newspaper has encouraged Colorado residents with a love for gardens and greenhouses to check out a free website. The Denver Post explained that while there are many online resources detailing how to do things outdoors and create the perfect green space, few encourage active learning in the community. However, it pointed to transitioncolorado.ning.com, […]

Where to go for garden and greenhouse advice

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts conducting their planning for the rest of the year have been encouraged to pick up tips and ideas from a horticultural website. Better Homes and Gardens magazine‘s BHG.com offers advice and guides on creating the perfect green space. The online resource contains a wide range of inspirational how-to features on everything […]

New Jersey growers given tips

A New Jersey website has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts some advice as the state welcomes the coming of spring. According to nj.com, growing your own fruit and vegetables can be “wonderfully rewarding” – something that has made it increasingly popular across the US. It advised that growers can produce a large selection of foods […]

Drainage warning for garden and greenhouse enthusiasts

A wet autumn has caused a common problem to arise for garden and greenhouse fans across the US. According to the Commercial Appeal, many species – such as rhododendrons – have suffered as a result of excess water in the soil. Responding to a letter from Memphis resident Lee Duncan, garden expert Booker Leigh explained […]

Kick-start spring with potted bulbs

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told that they can kick-start spring by buying potted bulbs to be grown indoors or under glass. According to the Christian Science Monitor, these can then be transplanted outside for an instant colourful garden when the warmer weather sets in. These are readily available from garden centres, nurseries and […]

Food growing does not have to be expensive

Those new to growing their own food in the garden and greenhouse need not spend too much cash establishing their vegetable plot. According to freeshipping.org, growers should plan early and have a clear idea of what they want to do before they begin to plant. The website recommends GrowVeg.com as a good place to work […]

Warm up for spring with indoor gardening

Garden and greenhouse growers hoping to get into the swing of things in time for the spring growing season can practice their skills on houseplants, it has been claimed. According to Mlive.com, tending to indoor plants, such as those in the greenhouse, can be a great way to warm up for the transition back to […]