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Cautionary tale about greenhouse pests – Ticks and Lyme Disease

The doctor said that nobody gets Lyme Disease in December! I did and figured that I picked up the tick in my greenhouse! I wasn’t checking for it because it was, after all, December. But I had seen a mouse in the greenhouse a month or so before the incident. I figured it came in […]


Three Lawn-care Myths

Lawn maintenance is the most common activity for gardeners around the United States. Yet some popular lawn-care practices have no basis in reality. They’re myths, says C.L. Fornari, author, speaker, and self-styled “garden geek.” In her newest book, Coffee for Roses, C.L., debunks all kinds of garden lore and hand-me-down tips. So this time of […]


Perennials that are moody depending on the weather

The other day I dropped by my brother’s new home and he proudly showed me the beds he had just planted with hypoestes (polka dot plant). “They’re great,” I said. “But you know they’re annuals. You’ll have to replace them next year.” His face fell. “But at the garden center they told me they were […]


Potting soil shockers and other news!

Potting soil is the most important ingredient for starting a terrific garden. It is also an important item for most indoor plants (Cactus and orchids being the exception, both require specialized mediums for growing.) Potting Soil Components – this will shock you. Compost is a major ingredient. Good compost is made from rotted vegetation but […]