Large Greenhouses

For those who require vast amounts of growing space the Hartley range includes a wide variety of larger greenhouses, servicing large estates, commercial and professional growers, horticultural institutes and beautiful residential gardens.

Select from our made to order sizes or design your own custom greenhouse to satisfy your desires.

In our range of Victorian greenhouses the largest made to order greenhouse is the Victorian Grand Manor at a little over 36 foot long and 16’ wide including the portico this is a beautiful, imposing garden structure which could quite easily become your very own botanical garden. Additional doors, ventilation, shades and cold-frames personalize the greenhouse to your specific needs.

A larger greenhouse might include one to two central portico’s for ease of entry and exit or, perhaps, a side door leading into a specific zoned area to create a stunning garden room for you to relax around your plants.

A large greenhouse could, if required, accommodate enough space to partition the greenhouse into different growing zones, and the extra ridge height will house even the most ambitious plans for palms, fruit and other tropical species.

If you prefer to discuss ideas in person and in your own garden, why not make an appointment so we could visit and discuss greenhouse location and the finer details.