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Create your own white Christmas

While garden and greenhouse owners living in warmer parts of the US may not expect snow over the festive period, they can still enjoy a white Christmas.

According to HattiesburgAmerica.com, growers can create a "winter wonderland with white blooms and spruce".

The online resource recommended a number of white winter plants that can be used to create the illusion of snow in warmer climes.

It advised gardeners to consider the use of paper-whites, poinsettias, Christmas cactuses, roses, orchids, camellias and amaryllises.

The latter of these was described as a bulb that growers can still get into the ground that is fascinating due to the way it grows by sending out a shaft that develops a beautiful large flower without leaves.

"Amaryllis bulbs originated in the tropical regions of South America and are among the easiest bulbs to force," the article read.

In other news, muskogeephoenix.com recently explained that apple trees can be grown in many home gardens and might be a handy source of food when they start producing fruit.