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Why not grow orchids in a glasshouse?

Glasshouse owners could follow the lead of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in the UK and take advantage of the hot green space to nurture plants that may not grow as successfully in outdoor conditions. The orchid is one example of such a flower and the RHS will be celebrating it with an event entitled […]

Gardeners ‘need to be consciously eco-friendly

Gardening is not an environmentally friendly activity by default, according to new research from the University of Reading, the University of Sheffield and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Instead, the environment is something green-fingered individuals need to consciously take into account in order to reduce producing excess greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, many staples of the […]

Watering ‘is not the only gardening solution to dry conditions’

Gardeners are advised to turn to a wide range of solutions when dealing with dry conditions. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) claimed it receives a great deal of enquiries expressing concern that they will be forced to deal with this situation more and more often as a result of issues relating to climate change. However, […]

People ‘are drawn to gardens by their DNA’

There is something in people's DNA that means they are hard-wired to be drawn to gardens, according to master gardener Gloria Kupferman. In an article for The Wenatchee World, she suggested a "fascination with the gift of flowers goes back to the beginning of life in the Garden of Eden, where love began". The expert […]

Landscape for Privacy— Marty Wingate shows how to plan now for next summer’s garden sanctuary

Have you ever wished your garden could feel more like a private hideaway? Perhaps your outdoor space has yet to be defined, or maybe the neighbors just added a second story that overlooks your back yard. Because winter is the best planning time for summer projects, this month I talk with Seattle garden writer Marty […]