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Tips on selecting a green Christmas tree

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts often wish to make environmentally-friendly decisions regarding what they do in their home. As such, Americans have been given some advice on choosing a beautiful Christmas tree that comes from a responsible source. The Ridgewood Patch urged north Jersey residents to think about what kind of tree suits their lifestyle and […]

Pre-snow gardening tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been encouraged to prepare their outdoor space for winter before the first snow falls. According to the News Sentinel, it is important to get tasks completed before the first whiteout. It had a number of tips for horticulture lovers looking to prepare for winter, including encouraging them to gather up […]

Create extra growing space by downsizing lawn

Downsizing the lawn might be a good idea for garden and greenhouse experts looking to create extra growing space and reduce the effort they have to put in to keep their grass looking great. According to the Times Standard, cutting the size of the lawn by between 20 and 30 per cent can make a […]

Indoor container gardening tips

With the winter having put paid to most gardeners' outdoor activities, it may be time to start thinking about what you can grow inside. The Chattanooga Times Free Press recently provided some advice on indoor container gardening. It spoke to Garden Gallery owner Linda Geinosky, who gave her tips on creating an indoor oasis of […]

Californian growers get water conservation tips

Californian garden and greenhouse enthusiasts were recently able to get tips on how to grow plants that are kind to the environment. According to the Mount Helix Patch, the Water Smart Gardening Festival took place at the Water Conservation Garden on Saturday (November 13th) and saw visitors given tips on a number of horticultural issues. […]

Prepare garden and greenhouse for cold weather now

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts should be preparing for the winter season by getting themselves and their outdoor space ready for the cold weather. The Mansfield News Journal recently published a list of tasks that should be ticked off before heading inside for winter. One of those tips is to wait until the soil freezes before […]

How to get started in fruit and vegetable gardening

Those looking to get involved in using the garden and greenhouse to grow their own fruit and vegetables have been given some tips from Cincinnati.com. The website has published a step-by-step guide to succeeding in producing tasty food in your own green space. Its first tip is to gather the necessary equipment, including a trowel, […]

Gardeners given tips on fall clean-up

Garden and greenhouse owners in Cape May County were recently given tips on how to prepare their green space for winter. We are now well into autumn and the Cape May County Herald revealed that growers were able to get some expert advice on how best to conduct their fall clean-up activities. The November 3rd […]

Introduce sculpture to the garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse owners often spend a lot of time considering what plants they would like to decorate their green space with. However, one online resource has suggested that they might benefit from taking a moment to consider how their landscape could be enriched through the use of sculptures, statues and other ornaments. NJ.com explained […]

Greenhouses of the Founding Fathers – Washington

Despite juggling the demands of a busy military and political life, it seems that George Washington enjoyed his time in the garden, particularly in his greenhouse. The Upper Garden at Mount Vernon was first designed and built in 1763. Then, fifteen years later, he added a greenhouse, and two long, low buildings that were designed […]

Advice for older apple tree owners

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who grow apple trees may be interested in the recent advice given by AZcentral.com. The website took questions from a number of users, including one who explained she was too old to pick the apples from her tree, which she enjoys using as shade and an aesthetic feature of her garden. […]