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Soil ‘is an important consideration in a greenhouse’

Soil is one of the key considerations that gardeners should spare some thought to when it comes to the maintenance of their greenhouse. Indeed, it can be a tricky job – often a much more fiddly task than caring for and changing the soil on a traditional garden border. British plant pathologist Pippa Greenwood said […]

Christmas Cacti ‘are very low maintenance’

While the colder winter months may be setting in, there are still plenty of activities for green-fingered enthusiasts to be getting on with. Indeed, some plants grow very well at this time of year and require more attention than might be the case in the summer months. For instance, Christmas Cactus is a very popular […]

Greenhouses need protection from frost

Green-fingered enthusiasts simply cannot afford to rest on their laurels and leave their garden to its own fate in the colder winter months. For instance, it is hugely important to take steps toward protecting plants from frosts – and this is particularly the case in greenhouses. These controlled spaces are designed to store solar heat. […]

Daffodils make a great gift

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be a hugely rewarding task for green-fingered enthusiasts. There are so many little extra benefits that can be gained from the task as well. For instance, keeping a small herb garden to complement indoor cooking activities is very popular. Something else at the forefront of everyone's mind at this […]

Three Holiday Gift Books – Control deer and other uninvited visitors in your garden

It’s the season for welcoming family and friends to our homes. However, we don’t greet all creatures great and small with open arms. Here are three informative books for your holiday gift list— to give or to get. If the noise you hear isn’t the charming clatter of eight tiny reindeer on your roof but […]

Now is the perfect time to prune (and even start growing) blackcurrant bushes

Almost all of us will be familiar with blueberries, but fewer people are probably aware of the delights of blackcurrants, whether it's growing them or eating them. It's largely because blackcurrant cultivation was banned in most US states during the 20th century due to a fungus that had been lurking in the bushes and damaging […]