Greenhouse Accessories & Options

Accessories for a Greenhouse

Hartley’s Greenhouses and accessories ensure every element of your unique structure is considered.

Cultivate the optimum growing environment with our range of Greenhouse parts and accessories, from protecting your plants from the elements with shades and blinds, to regulating heat and airflow with a heater or vents.

We offer advice on the best Greenhouse attachments for your structure, whether you’re looking for small Greenhouse accessories or a more prominent, bepsoke addition.

Increased workspace and more storage

Our Greenhouse accessories and tools are designed and manufactured to the same exacting high standards as our Glasshouses. Hartley’s sturdy shelving and staging utilise robust and maintenance-free aluminium alloy extrusions, similar to the main Greenhouse structure.

Make sure your Greenhouse is equipped to Hartley standards, whatever you need to maximise growing and storage space, work more efficiently and successfully, and derive more pleasure from every hour spent in your structure.

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