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New book advises on low maintenance gardening

A garden and greenhouse enthusiast has written a book on how she managed to go from a quarter-acre green space to a much smaller area while still turning it into an enjoyable and inviting place. According to adn.com, Valerie Easton‘s ‘The New Low-Maintenance Garden: How to Have a Beautiful, Productive Garden and the Time to […]

Indiana gardening firm launches YouTube channel

Gurney‘s Seed & Nursery Company has launched its own channel on the media sharing site and also hopes to provide garden and greenhouse enthusiasts with a more attractive service through other electronic means. The 143-year-old company has also set up a corporate blog with contributions from one of its chief horticultural experts. As well as […]

Gardeners ‘should plan for year-round success’

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who wish to make their outdoor space attractive all-year-round may be interested to hear that the Augusta Chronicle is to follow the choices made by master gardener Crystal Eskola over a 12-month period. The expert will help guide readers in choosing plants that will keep their green space looking bright and […]

The virtues of organic fruit and veg

A South Carolina news provider has been exploring the health virtues of organic food. Count on 2 News quoted figures from the United States Department of Agriculture which show that the retail organic food market was worth $21.1 billion last year. It explained that produce grown without chemicals is less likely to lead to cancer […]

Hot Ferns for Cool Greenhouses

Ferns are the duct tape of garden design—they visually connect all other disparate plants. That’s why floral designers feature ferns in bouquets. And they perform the same function when you’re staging plants this winter in your greenhouse. To find out which ferns thrive best under glass I called on my friend Judith Jones, the owner […]

Texas gardening classes to begin in January

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Texas will soon be able to pick up some tips from the Houston County Extension Office and Houston County Master Gardeners. The organizations are once more combining to host the annual Garden Academy in early 2010, according to the Sun News. Beginning January 19th, the programme will take place every […]

Florida gardeners ‘should be savvy about irrigation’

Florida growers should be wary of over-watering their garden and greenhouse plants, according to an online resource. Aside from being against many state ordinances, too much hydration can be a bad thing for established plants, TCpalm.com revealed. It suggested feeding trees and shrubs around half to three-quarters of an inch of water twice a week […]

Tips for Tennessee garden and greenhouse enthusiasts

Tennessee garden and greenhouse fans have been given a number of gardening tips from a local newspaper. The Commercial Appeal suggested that those with hydrangea plants discover what type they have before pruning. Mophead varieties should only be pruned to remove deadwood and should be left until April, while oakleaf hydrangeas should be left until […]

How to re-use dead garden materials

Gardening and greenhouse enthusiasts surveying their landscape and noticing a number of dead plants and leaves should not be disheartened, it has been suggested. According to Dailycamera.com, this decaying organic material can be ideal for boosting soil quality by holding water and nutrients in a sort of reservoir for roots to tap into. It suggested […]

Use trimmings to prepare soil for 2010

A Michigan website has advised garden and greenhouse fans that their actions now could dictate how successful their growing activities are in 2010. According to wwzm13.com, this year has been a tough one for vegetable growers, as the “extremely cool wet year made it a rough go this summer”. Gardeners should prepare the ground for […]

Garden and greenhouse tips for November

Louisiana garden and greenhouse owners have been told that the first winter frosts should not spell an end to their horticultural activities. According to the Shreveport Times, there are a number of green-fingered activities to keep growers busy during November. It suggests that cold-sensitive species should be covered with mulch or protected by a windbreak […]