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How to deal with surplus produce

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who have been growing their own fruit and vegetables and find themselves with an abundance of extra produce face a common problem. However, KitchenAid believes its products offer the ideal solution that will allow growers to enjoy the fruits of their labour well into winter. The firm explained that there are […]

Gardeners urged to check for Dutch elm disease

American garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been warned to watch out for signs of Dutch elm disease. The fungus can attach to American elms, cutting off their source of hydration by blocking their vascular system from the inside. According to the De Soto Explorer, the disease is transferred by two species of beetles that feed […]

How to prolong your life as a gardener

Garden and greenhouse owners need not give up their horticultural hobby as they get older, it has been claimed. According to the Jackson Citizen Patriot, growers can prolong their life as a gardener by making changes to the way they operate, reducing their workload. One key way to do this is by using containers, which […]

Time to persevere in the garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told to persevere with their weeding and watering activities to prolong the life of their plants. Those who love their garden and greenhouse but are growing tired of watering and weeding have been encouraged to persevere. According to the News Sentinel's Jane Ford, sticking with these activities will help […]

New online tips source for garden and greenhouse owners

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts across the US have a new online resource for horticultural hints and tips in the shape of CobraHead.com. Aimed at providing how-to advice for growers, the site was founded by experienced gardener Noel Valdes. With three decades of experience in raised bed vegetable growing, Texas-based Mr Valdes and his son Geoff […]

Preparing gardens for autumn and spring

The time for preparing gardens and greenhouses for spring and squeezing out some autumn colours is almost upon us. As such, Shelby gardener Suzanne Souva has given Source Newspapers readers some hints for the new season. The enthusiast explained that she and her husband have been dead-heading summer flowers in order to make way for […]

North Carolina gardeners to get tutorials

Garden and greenhouse fans in western North Carolina are to be given some expert advice on how to get the best out of their green space. According to Times News, a number of upcoming opportunities will give growers the chance to tap the minds of horticulturalists from the Henderson County Master Gardeners. Running on Monday […]

How to keep kids interested in gardening

Keeping children interested in garden and greenhouse tasks can be more difficult in summer and autumn, it has been claimed. According to Kansas State University horticulturalist Evylin Neier, kids often get frustrated as temperatures rise and growing becomes more about weeding and watering than frolicking in the mud. The Junior Master Gardener programme coordinator told […]

Why garden and greenhouse fruit tastes better

Garden and greenhouse fans that grow their own fruit are likely to enjoy tastier produce than those who buy it from the supermarket, it has been claimed. According to the Daily Mail, fruit that is allowed to ripen on a tree will always be more palatable than that which has been left to ripen in […]

Tips for Better Bouquets – unusual plant materials make arrangements pop

Summer’s horticultural bounty makes it easy to decorate your home with the contents of your garden and greenhouse. But annual and perennial flowers are not the only candidates for the best displays. Alongside your favorite black-eyed Susans, lilies, and bunches of sweetly scented roses, consider adding colorful foliage, boughs and berries from shrubs and grasses […]

New Yorkers told to plant fall vegetables now

New York garden and greenhouse owners have been given some growing advice ahead of the autumn season. According to Schoharie County gardener Bob Beyfuss, now is a good time to start planning fall vegetables. He wrote in the Daily Freeman that while many summer vegetables are still going strong, August is a great month to […]

Why compost is great for the garden

A national newspaper has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts some tips on how to get the best out of their green space on a budget. The Huffington Post took advice from the author of Taking Dirt: The Dirt Diva‘s Down to Earth Guide To Organic Gardening. Master gardener Annie Spiegelman explained how she is “obsessed” […]