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Pruning remains worthwhile in the summer

There are so many tasks for a gardener to be getting on with in the summer that it can be perfectly understandable if a couple of things are overlooked in favour of more exciting considerations – such as choosing which plants to maintain throughout the summer period.  At this time of year, some of you […]

Forget-me-nots can provide a long-lasting display

If you are looking for a plant that will offer great soil coverage for a relatively long period of time, then the forget-me-not could be a fantastic choice.  Their binomial name is myosotis – and this comes from the Greek word for 'mouse's ear', so named after the shape and soft texture of the plant's leaves.  […]

Kale is a great choice for an attractive, long-lasting plant

One of the biggest decisions a gardener has to make can often come before he or she has even started to do any work – what plants to grow.  This goes double for those who are taking advantage of the controlled environment offered by a greenhouse, as this makes it possible to grow species that […]

Great Summer Gardening Advice From the Best—Marietta and Ernie O’Byrne Weed and Talk

It’s not often I get to interview two expert gardeners while they are actually gardening. On this hot Oregon summer morning, I meet Marietta and Ernie O’Byrne, developers of Winter Jewels™ hellebores, at their wholesale Northwest Garden Nursery. Next year’s hellebore crop is already sheltered in a row of greenhouses beside the garden where Marietta […]