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Foxgloves are great for pollinators

Greenhouses have a great deal to offer gardeners. Because they are a controlled environment, they make it possible to grow a much wider range plants than would necessarily be supported by the immediate climate.  As such, it is important to ensure you know exactly what you want to use the space for and maintain a good […]

Chards are ideal for the kitchen and greenhouse

There are so many benefits to using a greenhouse in the garden that it can be difficult for growers to narrow down their options and choose a few they can manage.  By far one of the most popular uses for the controlled environment is for food – specifically nurturing your own fruit and vegetables from […]


New bacteria could end the need for fertiliser

Gardeners and greenhouse growers alike will undoubtedly be familiar with the wide range of benefits offered by using fertiliser to encourage growth in plants. However, a new substance has been developed that could put an end to this requirement, removing some of the less enjoyable tasks from the pastime. Scientists at the University of Nottingham […]

Try growing blueberries in a greenhouse

Growing fruit and vegetables in a greenhouse is arguably one of the most popular uses for the controlled gardening environment.  There are many reasons for this – not least of which being that it can give you more of an influence over how plants usually associated with the wild can develop.  A good example of […]

Growing in a Hartley Glasshouse

In late 2010, when Chris Holbrook was looking at greenhouses for his yard, Hartley Glasshouses impressed him for a number of reasons. He noticed the careful construction and wide selection of models with their many special options. As a regular visitor to England, he also appreciated the connection a Hartley house provides to English gardening […]


Don’t let pests ruin your greenhouse

While there are many pleasures to be drawn from growing plants in a greenhouse throughout the warm summer season, there are also plenty of aspects of the pastime that can be quite frustrating. Needless to say, pests are likely to be top of the list for many of us – seasoned gardening professionals and green-fingered […]


Mildew can be very damaging in a greenhouse

There are so many pleasures to be had from growing plants in a greenhouse – and this is particularly the case in the warmer summer months, as so many different species are in full bloom. However, while gardeners will undoubtedly be delighted about this development, possibly even citing it as their favourite time of year, […]

Don’t let rose suckers sap energy from the parent plant

The summer can bring many pleasures for gardeners, not least of which being the full bloom of many pretty flowers. This can be one of the most rewarding times of year – but it is important not to get complacent, as there is still plenty of work to be done in order to maintain these […]

Don’t Miss Great Plant Picks—a Northwest website that’s good for gardeners everywhere

Hunting for new ornamental plants? The web is a terrific place to start. But good, reliable sources don’t always pop up first in a Google search. So, here’s the Northwest’s best-kept internet gardening secret—Great Plant Picks. Started in 2001 as an outreach educational arm of the Elisabeth Carey Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle, Great Plant […]