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Washington gardeners to get expert advice

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in the Sequim area of Washington state are set to benefit from the advice of a horticultural expert. According to the Sequim Gazette, Washington State University-certified master gardener Jeanette Stehr-Green is set to hold a clinic next month. The expert will host the event on November 9th at the Clallam County […]

Gardeners encouraged to go sustainable and organic

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts across the US should take a more organic and sustainable approach to their activities, it has been claimed. According to the Crossville Chronicle, growers can often get lazy and turn to chemicals to make life easier. It noted that shoppers often opt for perfect looking apples that have been sprayed up […]

Older gardeners ‘should band together’

Older Americans have been given some money-saving tips to help them cope with the cost-cutting measures being implemented by the government in response to the recent financial downturn. According to USNews.com, group gardening can be an excellent way to look after the pennies, as it shares the cost, effort and benefits between a number of […]

How to grow wildflowers in the garden

According to the Times-Standard, a tapestry of such plants can be perfect for a variety of reasons, such as attracting butterflies and bees. They are also easy to grow as well as being drought tolerant and good pollinators, with a sunny patch of lightly cultivated, weed-free soil being all you need. Weeding is the key […]

Race to prepare garden and greenhouse for winter

Winter is on its way and garden and greenhouse owners face a race to get their green spaces up to scratch before Jack Frost makes an appearance. According to News Register, there are a number of tasks to keep growers busy, including transplanting, garden cleanup, mulching, plant division, weeding, mowing, draining irrigation systems and fertilising. […]

How to save seeds for 2011

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who wish to save seeds for next year should know that having the correct storage is the key to their success. According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, getting this right can significantly boost your chances of a plentiful 2011 crop. Hybrid vegetable seeds should not be kept, the newspaper advised, but […]

Still a good time to plant vegetables

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts looking to start a vegetable plot can still get their produce into the ground, despite the fact that it is now autumn. According to the Miami Herald, growers in some areas can take advantage of the temperate weather to get seedlings into the ground. It noted that older, larger seedlings may […]

Create an attractive autumn garden

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Kansas have been given tips on how to make their outdoor space aesthetically pleasing in autumn. According to the Daily Press, growers should make the most of containers by creating a tapestry of fall colours on porches, patios and among the evergreens. It spoke to Ball Horticultural business manager Joan […]

New blog for garden and greenhouse fans

A new blog is to offer garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in the New England area hints on keeping their green space tip-top. Designed to cater for the state's climate and soil types, the Mahoney's Garden Centres blog will be packed with advice over the colder months and into the new year. It recently published a […]

How to extend growing season using mini-greenhouses

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told that they can extend the growing season of their fruit and vegetables by using cold frames. According to the Herald Mail's Farm News section, it is possible to keep some species producing all winter with the added heat and protection such products provide. Acting as a mini-greenhouse, cold […]