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Roses are sturdier than you might think

Keeping your flowers in great condition while mother nature is throwing storms, droughts and icy spells your way can be tricky. Some plants – usually the most beautiful – are extremely tricky to care for and short of wrapping them in a fleece, or taking them indoors, they struggle to survive the harsh conditions prevalent […]

Should you be picking your strawberries this late?

Over in the UK, Wimbledon has arrived. Venus Williams has already fallen by the wayside and the tournament is really starting to hot up – unlike the British summer, which is proving wet and cool. However, aside from the plethora of tennis stars hot-footing across the Atlantic – and the impeccably manicured lawns – to […]

Topiary ‘is back in fashion’

There are many different things that contribute to the overall look and feel of a garden, none of which are to be underestimated. Indeed, while certain styles may come and go, it is important not to forget the practical applications of certain considerations. For instance, in an article for the Daily Telegraph, professional gardener and […]

Greenhouses ‘can be used to test plants’

As the weather is starting to get much warmer as we finally enter the summer season, gardeners will be getting to work on a slightly different range of tasks in their green spaces. The range of activities expands slightly for those who are able to take advantage of access to a greenhouse. These additional spaces […]

There is a lot more to roses than meets the eye

When people think of roses, a lot of things come to mind. The simple white and red varieties of the flower are undoubtedly the most famous. There are many reasons for this popularity – for instance the scarlet oens have romantic connotations that make them a popular gift for couples. Indeed, Valentine's Day is often […]

Five Reasons Why Your Next Bouquet Should Be Local

In a parallel to the culinary world’s slow/sustainable food movement, the idea of buying nearby flowers is taking off. Just in time to explain it all, here comes the book: The 50-Mile Bouquet—Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers, by garden writer Debra Prinzing and photographer David Perry. Also billed as “The Organic Flower-growing, Gathering and Design Guide,” it’s […]