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Greenhouses Enable Future Gardening

It’s everywhere in the news—baby-boomers are aging. And coincidentally, there’s an increase in products that help aging bodies cope with gardening tasks. There are the scooters, like the “Deluxe Tractor Scoot,” which enables gardeners to work from a seated position, and “Gardener’s Kneelers,” which flips over to become a bench– both offered by Gardener’s Supply. […]

Local residents learn to cultivate at community garden

Residents of Needham, Massachusetts, are being taught how to properly cultivate their own produce by instructors, greenhouse enthusiasts might be interested to hear. Every Tuesday morning and Thursday evening classes take place to teach people about the intricacies of gardening and benefits of veg. An instructor at the site Jeane Gerber, who told NeedhamPatch that […]

Ocenee Public Library offers free gardening lessons

South Carolina greenhouse owners are being offered free gardening classes at the Walhalla branch of the Ocenee Public Library after the book repository struck up a partnership with Clemson University. Classes are due to start on September 13th, with the first seminar titled Plant Wars: Nature vs Alien. The classes will run until June 2012. […]

Texan youngsters encouraged to grow their own food

School children in Austin, Texas, are being encouraged to grow their own food and eat healthily in a bid to tackle the nationwide problem of obesity, greenhouse enthusiasts might be interested to hear. The School Garden Grant Program, set up by the Whole Kids Foundation in partnership with FoodCorps, is designed to help schools encourage […]

Website launched to benefit fruit growers

Greenhouse enthusiasts who like to partake in a spot of fruit growing may be interested in a new website that has been set up to encourage sustainable living. Lori Barudoni has launched lemonsforlimes.com, which enables people to trade surplus fruit they have grown with others in their local area. The system is based around zip […]

Gardener makes savings by growing her own veg

A keen gardener who has seen the process of growing food passed down through generations of her family has revealed the savings she makes, greenhouse owners may be interested to hear. Betty Pierce told the Jackson Sun that she saves between $200 and $250 a month by nurturing her own fruit and vegetables. She said […]

Tennessee gardener reveals mother’s wisdom

A Master Gardener in Tennessee has revealed his love of gardening was passed down to him by his mother. Bill Legg has been an active horticulturalist all his life, he told the Shelby County Reporter, but it was only when he underwent formal training in 1999 that he realised how good his mother was with […]

Sacaramento gardeners turn out in force

Greenhouse and gardening enthusiasts in Sacramento flocked to the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center for its annual Harvest Day on Saturday (August 6th). Hundreds of people turned out to visit the educational booths and watch demonstrations of gardening tips from experts, the Fair Oaks Patch reports. One of the speakers was Kevin Marini, a Master Gardener […]

Introducing the new Hartley Grange Greenhouse

The new Hartley Grange Greenhouse is high, wide and handsome! Classically proportioned outside room gives ambitious gardeners scope to grow. Whether you are looking for a generously proportioned working greenhouse or an elegant outside room in which to relax and entertain surrounded by fragrant, prized specimens, the new Grange from Hartley Botanic with its distinctive glazed […]

Treat gardening like a sport, doctor advises

Gardening and greenhouse enthusiasts should treat cultivating their plants as a sport and prepare their body accordingly, a doctor has said. According to physical health expert Dr Michael Jones, back pain is the most common ailment that is overlooked, The Leader Corning reports. To combat this type of pain, it is vital to bend down […]