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Make gardening more fun with football tribute

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts looking for a project for 2011 could consider creating a tribute to their favourite sports team. The Explorer suggested that horticulture fans choose flowers and plants that match the colours of their football team. For example, Arizona Cardinals fans could choose to fill their outdoor area with red and blue to […]

Coping with the Bounty – The Summer Vegetable Garden

Non-gardeners may suppose this time of year is when those of us with vegetable gardens sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, but we know better. After all the watering, planting, weeding, training and mulching —this is harvest time! Fortunately, on a small scale, harvesting vegetables has enormous universal appeal. When they were […]

Use greenhouse for cold zone head start

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who live in colder climates have been given some advice on how to succeed during the winter period. According to helium.com, sewing seeds indoors weeks before the ground is warm enough to plant in will give gardeners a head start. This can be done either in the greenhouse or on a […]

How to re-pot for winter

With winter approaching, growers may be considering taking more tender plants from the garden and temporarily re-homing them in the greenhouse. The News Sentinel recently published some advice on precisely this topic, instructing Americans just how to go about re-potting a plant. Plants should be carefully removed from the ground or outdoor container they are […]

Get to know your garden for success

Garden and greenhouse owners in Florida have been urged to get to know their green space properly in order to succeed in making a beautiful and sustainable exterior area. According to News Chief, it is important to get to grips with your garden's microclimate by taking a number of environmental factors into consideration. These include […]

Wisconsin gardeners to be given tips

Garden and greenhouse fans in Wisconsin will soon be able to attend a horticulture class held by a TV and radio expert. Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in the Sheboygan area of Wisconsin are to be given an opportunity to tap the knowledge of a horticultural expert. According to the Sheboygan Press, a free class is […]

Autumn gardening to pay off in spring

Work put in during autumn will pay dividends in the springtime, garden and greenhouse fans have been told. According to the Echo Press, savvy growers will be mucking in during the fall months in the knowledge that they will soon reap the rewards. It encouraged readers to clean out any beds that have finished growing […]

Gardening calendar packed full of health tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Iowa may be interested in getting their hands on one of Iowa State University Extension's 2011 garden calendars. According to the Chronicle Times, the publication contains numerous "gardening is good for you" messages and provides health tips, as well as its beautiful images. Co-authors Cynthia Haynes and Richard Jauron told […]

Plant hardy bulbs now, gardeners told

The month of September can still be a busy period for garden and greenhouse enthusiasts as they prepare for winter. According to Helium.com, there are plenty of tasks to buys yourself with, such as planting spring bulbs before the first frosts. Getting them in the ground early will give them a chance to spread their […]

Autumn hints for perennial growers

The autumn is a time for dividing plants, getting bulbs in the ground and planting trees and shrubs, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told. According to Horticulture magazine, storing perennials such as cannas over winter can be a tricky business. It noted that Caladium are intolerant of cold earth and should be carefully dug […]

Save cash by ditching the lawn

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some horticulture tips to help them cut down on their contributions to the estimated $40 billion per year that is spent on lawn care in the US. According to Bureau of Labour Statistics figures, the average American also spends approximately 73 hours per year looking after their grass […]