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How to control greenhouse whitefly

Greenhouse whitefly – or Trialeurodes vaporariorumm to give it its binomial name – is a common pest for gardeners. The insects inhabit most of the world’s temperate regions – and is a big fan of feeding on fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops. Cucumber, melon, tomato and peppers are common victims of whitefly, as well as […]

How can you make the most of parsley?

Parsley is a very popular herb – and while this is undoubtedly due to a combination of factors, its use in a wide range of culinary dishes and low maintenance when growing are key.  It is native to the central Mediterranean region, although it has become naturalised throughout most of the rest of Europe. Its […]

Big pots are a versatile addition to a greenhouse

Greenhouses offer gardeners so many advantages. The very nature of them means that green-fingered enthusiasts and gardening professionals alike have so much more control over the conditions their plants are exposed to. This means that many different kinds of growth can even be nurtured at a time when they would usually be out of season, […]

Want to grow robust plants? Give them a blast of Black Sabbath

Greenhouse growers are regularly offered so many tips for how they can get the most out of their plants that it can be very difficult to navigate them all and come up with a consistent method.  This kind of difficulty is only exacerbated when some of these tips appear to contradict each other. However, one […]


Greenhouse work could improve wellbeing, study suggests

An individual who gets to work in a greenhouse could enjoy greater wellbeing than their city-dwelling counterparts who do not have the same surroundings, according to the findings of a new report. The research has been published in the academic journal Psychological Science – and it was carried out by Dr Mathew White, who works […]

Delosperma is very attractive for pollinators

With spring finally here, green-fingered enthusiasts and gardening professionals alike will undoubtedly be keen to prepare for the brighter weather on the horizon. Attracting pollinators can be a key consideration at this time of year, as the creatures behind this process offer a great deal for gardeners. Pollination is a process by which pollen is […]

Plenty of options for gardeners fighting box blight

Box is a very popular form of topiary that is often used as an alternative to hedgerows. It can line borders beautifully and is noted for it very distinctive scent, which is beloved by many gardening professionals and green-fingered enthusiasts alike. Its Latin binomial name is Buxus sempervirens – and it is an evergreen shrub […]

Garden with Color Confidence

OK, I confess—I don’t know much about color design in my garden. I’m just pleased when my plants thrive. However, on visits to other gardens, I appreciate the bright (or subtle) combinations. How does that happen? Recently, I walked through Rebecca Sweet’s elegantly designed backyard in Northern California—a symphony of greens and blues, with accents […]

Batali at NYBG

He’s the man with the scruffy red ponytail and baggy shorts. Croc markets the Bistro Mario Batali Edition of his signature footwear (in colors graphite and orange) to foodies everywhere. The co-proprietor of twenty-two restaurants world-wide from Hong Kong to Las Vegas, he’s a household name through TV and numerous—thirteen and counting–cookbooks. Beginning April 6th […]