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Buying a Greenhouse (5)

What is the best shape for a greenhouse?

There are many different styles and shapes of greenhouses, which each have their benefits and specific uses.

Think about the type of plants you wish to grow – do you need extra height?  Are you looking for different growing zones, you may require a partition? Do you need wheelchair access? Consider all the factors when choosing a greenhouse shape. Please speak to a member of our team on 781-933-1993 if you have any further questions.

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What is the purpose of having a greenhouse?

A greenhouse can extend the growing season at both ends protecting your plants from the cold weather. A greenhouse shelters your plants from the cold, rain, heat, and pests.

Growing your produce in a greenhouse is becoming increasingly popular and important, as more people go organic, and taste and food miles become more and more important.

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What colour should a greenhouse be?

The outside of a greenhouse is up to personal preference. When choosing the greenhouse colour picture the greenhouse within your garden, next to your house, and with the potential background.

Hartley Botanic has a large choice of colours to choose from. The greenhouse colour cannot be changed, as our greenhouses are powder coated to provide a long-lasting finish.

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What type of glass is used for a greenhouse?

Greenhouses should ideally have a toughened safety glass to protect from potential damage rather than the standard 1/8inch horticultural glass which is more prone to breakage.

At Hartley Botanic, we use 5/32inch toughened safety glass, which is strong and does not splinter if broken.

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What is the best floor for a greenhouse?

The best floor for a greenhouse is flooring explicitly designed for your needs and your greenhouse growing intentions.

If you intend to grow directly from the ground or if you would like a decorative flooring, there are solutions for all needs.

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Greenhouse Maintenance (5)

How would you change the broken glass in the door of a greenhouse?

To replace broken glass on our doors – Simply remove the infill strip in the center of the glazing capping. This will expose the stainless-steel screws securing the capping to the door which clamps the glass in place. With the screws removed the capping will pull away allowing the glass pieces to be removed. Re-installation is a reversal of the removal process.

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How long does a greenhouse last?

An aluminum greenhouse should last a lifetime and be virtually maintenance-free. At Hartley Botanic, we offer a 30-year lifetime guarantee.

A wooden greenhouse will need maintenance and will deteriorate over the years.

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Does a greenhouse need ventilation?

Ventilation is vital for greenhouses to regulate airflow and to control the temperature. Temperature control using ventilation will protect the plants from excess heat.

Most greenhouses have vents in the roof and on the sides to help the airflow.

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Heating a Greenhouse (5)

How do you cool a greenhouse?

The best way to cool a greenhouse is by making sure the greenhouse has good airflow and ventilation.

To improve greenhouse ventilation, and cool it down, make sure to keep vents open, have plenty of opening windows and install blinds. To cool a greenhouse quicker, leave the door open or use a fan to circulate the air quicker where possible.

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How to attach bubble wrap to the inside of a greenhouse?

Bubble wrap can be attached by simply using ‘no.8 self-tapping screws’ to an appropriate depth. These can be screwed directly into the channels in the aluminum extrusion. Also use washers with the screws to prevent the bubble wrap tearing.

Also useful are strong spring-loaded clips (like stationers ‘Bulldog’ clips) i.e. stronger than clothes pegs, although these have also been known to be used successfully.

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How much energy does a greenhouse use?

On its own, a greenhouse does not require any use of energy. If, however, you want to heat it, run lights, propagators, or heaters, then the energy use will increase. To help keep the cost down, you could install a solar panel.

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When should you insulate a greenhouse?

A greenhouse should be insulated when the night-time temperatures are expected to drop below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the temperature differs from one area to another, keep an eye on the daily weather forecasts.

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Preparing the site for a Hartley Greenhouse (5)

Do you measure and install the greenhouse on two levels?

Yes, we would visit site, measure, and prepare a quotation for you. If you then placed an order our technical office would visit to take accurate measurements to enable us to prepare detailed drawings for the base to be built. We would then install the greenhouse onto your pre-prepared foundations.

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How do I decide where to site my new greenhouse?

When deciding where to place a greenhouse, basic considerations are good light and shelter from strong winds. Ensure the ground drains easily and is level. If water and power services will be required, make sure these are laid on prior to the arrival of the greenhouse, or make schedule to lay them on later.

All too often greenhouses are relegated to neglected corners of the garden, whereas to be used effectively, the distance from the property should be minimized, so you can simply “pop into the greenhouse” easily. Make sure to have the door closest to the house if possible. Running the ridge “east to west” is recommended to allow maximum light into the greenhouse.

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This is the style I am interested in https://hartley-botanic.com/product/victorian-lodge-coldframes-us/, I am going to build the greenhouse on a hillside. You know the framework of the greenhouse is metal, I am wondering how to make sure the greenhouse is lightning safe. Do I need to install a rob? Or simply have it grounded is enough? Or is the greenhouse lightning safe in nature (aka, does it work just as a Faraday cage in this case). It would be deeply appreciated if your company can share some material with me to improve its lightning safety when I am preparing the site. Thanks in advance.

Being of highly conductive Aluminium, Hartley Greenhouses would readily conduct lightning to ground if struck.  Additionally, the larger Victorian structures are anchored with steel or stainless steel rods at the main frame positions and these route either partially or fully down through the wall (as on a Victorian Lodge – 8 positions).  As we have no recorded instance of one of our structures ever being hit, we cannot give any estimate of the likely damage that would occur should this happen.  A lightning rod may reduce the likelihood of severe damage, but as we have no established product in this area, sourcing, installation and maintenance would be entirely the owners responsibility.  We cannot advise that a Hartley Glasshouse be used as a safe haven during an electrical storm, but being inside would be better than no shelter at all as long as contact with the metalwork is avoided.  For more information on safe havens please follow this link http://www.growingformarket.com/articles/lightning-safety

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Delivery (2)

How long does it take for my order to be made and delivered?

Every greenhouse is made to order, delivery time depends on size of greenhouse and time of year. In order to estimate the delivery time for your desired greenhouse model, please contact the Hartley team.

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Can you deliver abroad?

We deliver and install Glasshouses and Greenhouses all over the world. In fact, we have delivered and installed in over 20 Countries in the past two years. We welcome enquiries, which would usually be dealt with by our UK Sales team. Get in touch with [email protected] for more information.

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Existing Hartley Botanic greenhouses (2)

How can I open a stuck greenhouse lock?

If the lock was last used some time ago the bolt may have become stuck due to moisture, debris, corrosion etc. We would suggest a penetrating / water dis-placing oil applied liberally into the lock mechanism. This should release the lock.

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