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How to deal with weeds responsibly

One online resource has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts some tips on how to responsibly and effectively deal with weeds. Lon‘s Article Directory explained that using pesticides can lead to run-off that infects water supplies and is therefore not environmentally friendly. The website suggested that there are a number of alternatives to using chemicals in […]

How to plant annuals sustainably

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some tips on how to go about their business sustainably, with advice on planting annuals. Not usually considered the most eco-friendly plants, annuals can be made greener by following certain sustainable steps during the planting process. According to Gardening Nude‘s Shawna Coronado, soil preparation can be vital in […]

How to keep the garden green in summer

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some advice on getting their lawn back to its best after blistering heat scorched grass across New Jersey. According to wcbstv.com, even the most avid growers have struggled to keep their green spaces healthy thanks to the sun and the water restrictions in place. Gardening centre owner Jennifer […]

Indoor growing tips from expert

A garden and greenhouse expert has given some tips on growing plants indoors. Toledo Botanical Gardens horticulturalist Jonathan Milbrodt told Bignews.biz that those working under glass should only used bagged potting mixes and never soil from outside. This is because the earth from the garden is not sterile and could result in the grower losing […]

Green bean growing tips

Americans hoping to grow green beans in their garden or greenhouse may be interested in the tips offered by OrganicAuthority.com. The online resource tipped the food as “one of the quintessential organic veggies of summer”, adding that it yields a large crop per square foot. It suggested that gardeners space their plants around two to […]

How to help plants through a heat wave

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts will know that a heat wave can be extremely damaging to tender plants. To prepare growers for such an event, LoHud.com has provided a number of hints and tips on how to deal with a sudden and prolonged rise in temperatures. The main thing that gardeners can do to protect plants […]

Photograph your Garden like a Pro – Tips from Robin Bachtler Cushman

Each year a moment arrives when your garden calls out to be photographed. Suddenly those cascading branches of ‘Snowmound’ spirea create a colorful explosion next to vivid yellow daylilies and bright purple sparks of chive blossoms. Get out the camera! But how can you create a shot that rivals those fabulous magazine photos? Over the […]