Contemporary Greenhouses

Hartley Planthouses

The Hartley Planthouse is a free standing structure which uses a unique manufacturing system. The result is an aesthetically pleasing greenhouse that would sit comfortably in almost any size of garden. Contemporary in style this greenhouse design is available in 6ft, 8ft and 10ft wide with a length to suit.

For decades we have been building Victorian greenhouses appreciated by gardeners and home owners alike. In recent years we have broadened out our ranges to include contemporary greenhouses or added various options to give a Victorian greenhouse a more contemporary feel.
Ball finials replacing Victorian ridge line cresting, wider panes of glass, concealed engineering and pyramid roof are just some of the options for a modern look.

The new custom built Opus range is beautiful and elegant and satisfies those who like the contemporary look and aspire to own the most handsome greenhouses hand made the English way.

Contemporary greenhouses are your perfect outdoor and indoor space, bought for strength and appreciated for looks.

The innovative thrust behind Hartley’s greenhouses isn’t just aesthetics though, its part of the push to entice growing produce at all levels.

Opus Botanic

Superior specification sets this glasshouse apart from all others. Concealed engineering, more desirable wider glass panes with an aesthetically pleasing blended linear design, create a great contemporary look and feel, guaranteeing your garden will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours.