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Fruit cages can be a great complement to a greenhouse

The greenhouse is a controlled environment that is ideal for growing plants requiring closer attention than others and are not as tolerant to unpredictable conditions that the climate might throw at them. Indeed, it is a wonderful way for green-fingered enthusiasts and gardening professionals alike to work – so much so that it might be […]

Tulbaghia violacea are ‘supremely elegant’

Gardeners who are still considering how to theme the overall look of their green space this year can rest assured there is plenty of time in which to give the topic some thought before committing to growing anything. Indeed, there are lots of plants that are best put to seed around about [del] this time […]

Geraniums: There’s nothing more versatile for gardeners

There is so much on offer for the greenhouse grower that it can be very difficult for them to narrow down their choices and focus on just a few plants to really commit to. Indeed, this is more of an issue for green-fingered enthusiasts and gardening professionals who take advantage of a controlled space like […]


Don’t let lichen become a problem for your greenhouse

There are many issues that plague gardeners at this time of year – and this is just as much the case for greenhouse growers. While the controlled green space can offer a whole host of benefits that conventional gardeners may not be able to enjoy, they are still able to be impacted by adverse climate […]


Start the Garden Season with a Coldframe by Charlotte Albers

On a recent tour of English gardens I was drawn to the potting sheds and work areas with their neatly stored tools; and to the wonderful greenhouse facilities and cold frames which held rows of baby plants waiting to be dug into freshly prepared beds. I wanted a greenhouse and a cold frame of my […]

Warm beds can get seeds off to a great start

There are many pleasures to be had when growing plants in a greenhouse – not least of which is the fact that the controlled gardening environment offers a considerable degree of flexibility. This will be particularly noticeable at this time of year, when extensive snow cover is being experienced in some parts of the country. […]


Grow Grafted Tomatoes Now – It’s all about taste and bountiful harvests

The grafted tomatoes are coming! Marry a disease-resistant rootstock on the bottom to a tasty scion on top, and you get the best wedding of both worlds—tomatoes with vigor and higher yields, as well as the amazing variety of taste choices from artisan-bred home-growns. This month, I talked with Alice Doyle, co-owner of Log House […]