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The Saga of Wilson and the White Dove Tree

  Last month in this column, I talked about modern-day plant hunter Dan Hinkley. One of his favorite plants is the white dove tree (Davidia involucrata). This month, the white dove tree is blooming in my garden. Festoons of white-green bracts look like wings. They shelter round black inch-wide flowers that could resemble doves’ eyes. […]


History Under Glass

The very first glasshouses were not entirely made of glass. That is, their construction did not entail four walls that consisted primarily of glass. But they were surprisingly large, and designed for a specific purpose—the storage of container-grown citrus trees in winter. In Italy these “limonaia” (related to the “orangerie” later developed in France) had […]

GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK – Designing gardens with BLING!

Walking into any well-stocked GLASSHOUSE feels like stepping into a world of green. Quickly, your eye will pick out the exceptions to that green — pink orchids, red begonias. But the green background is what provides the overall sense of life in the greenhouse and makes the colors stand out. The same applies in a […]