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Showtime for a Victorian Greenhouse

It’s that time again! From coast to coast, indoor garden shows are offering solace to those who are winter-weary. These exhibitions are bursting with color and fragrance, great plants to buy, and great ideas to take away—especially from the extravagant display gardens that make up the heart of the shows.  And for several years now, […]

Glass + Houses + trends for living and life.

Well. Here we are. Our shiny pearl in the heavens has successfully completed another revolution around the sun, to the accompaniment, not of  Richard Strauss’s Also Spake Zarathustra, (you know… 2001, Hal the Computer), but to a cavalcade of hit lists for 2023’s upcoming trends. Top of the recommendations appears to be for glass to […]

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Our events

  Our Events 2023 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Tradestand no. 143 ‘FEEL GOOD’ BY HARTLEY BOTANIC HARTLEY BOTANIC REVEALS ITS UPLIFTING PLANS FOR ITS RHS CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW 2023 TRADESTAND Hartley Botanic, England’s most historic and respected Glasshouse and Greenhouse manufacturer, has revealed this year’s theme for its well-loved RHS Chelsea Flower Show tradestand. The […]

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Taking Care of the Little Things in Life

Mention wildlife to most gardeners and they will go gooey eyed over hedgehogs, Jenny wrens and thrushes. However, their survival relies on complex food webs involving creatures that gardeners aren’t quite a keen on! Hedgehogs, for instance, have small mouths and a snout, so their preferred foods during the summer months are beetles, caterpillars and […]

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Get going in your greenhouse right now

With a greenhouse we can start producing crops months sooner than outdoors. Most advantageous is bringing in tub grown fruit trees and bushes to force earlier, weather and bird-proof, harvests. Indeed bringing in Peaches, and even more so, Nectarines, in tubs is THE way to prevent Peach Leaf Curl, and ripen perfect fruits, earlier. Apricots […]