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How to get poinsettias blooming two Christmases in a row

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some handy tips on reblooming poinsettias, saving them from being thrown out after the holiday period. The Chattanooga Times Free Press spoke to ecke.com about how to get the best out of the plants. It recommended trimming the festive species back to about eight inches tall in late […]

Gardening tips website expands

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given a boost by the news that the John Henry Company is expanding its BloomIQ.com website. The online resource is seeking to help horticulture lovers gain a better idea of garden design and how plants work together. Vice president for marketing Erin Willigan explained that growers often have questions […]

Is manure an acceptable Christmas gift?

Choosing a relevant garden and greenhouse gift for horticulture enthusiasts can be tough and a Colorado newspaper has looked at whether it is acceptable to give manure as a present. According to the Daily Camera, most growers are likely to be slightly embarrassed about asking for such a gift, noting that there is a stigma […]

Tips for growing herbs indoors

Garden and greenhouse owners who love to cook what they grow can still cultivate herbs throughout winter. According to Organic Authority, it is easy to bring outdoor herbs indoors for the colder months. The online resource had a number of tips for those planning to continue growing their herbs, including locating them in the kitchen […]

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts advised on plant protection

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some advice on how best to protect their plants from the cold. With the winter frosts coming in earlier than usual this year, Tampa Bay Online has suggested that growers might wish to cover up their more vulnerable species. Using a bed sheet, it is possible to create […]

Florida gardeners urged to plant vegetables

While some areas of the US are too cold to grow anything during December and January, Florida garden and greenhouse owners can cultivate tasty crops of vegetables. According to NaplesNews.com, now is the time to plant both annuals and vegetables in south Florida, with even those who own just a tiny patch able to enjoy […]

Tips for indoor winter gardening

With garden and greenhouse enthusiasts having to move their activities indoors out of the snow and icy cold, growers have been given some tips on how to care for houseplants. According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, now is a good time to check houseplants for signs of damage or insects. As well as examining existing […]

Create your own white Christmas

While garden and greenhouse owners living in warmer parts of the US may not expect snow over the festive period, they can still enjoy a white Christmas. According to HattiesburgAmerica.com, growers can create a "winter wonderland with white blooms and spruce". The online resource recommended a number of white winter plants that can be used […]

Best Gifts for Gardeners – Practical, unusual and creative holiday surprises

I live with a family of non-gardeners. As the holiday time approaches, I can see my husband and grown children looking at me speculatively, gift-buying puzzlement in their eyes “What shall I get her that she’ ll really like?” So this year, instead of making them guess, I’m sharing my wish list. And I hope […]

How to save cash in the garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who wish to save money by growing their own produce have been given some useful tips. Reuters explained that those cultivating fruit and vegetables will benefit by composting, even if they only do it a little. Growing exotic foods that are expensive at the supermarket is wiser than putting your efforts […]