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Late Blight in Tomatoes and Potatoes

For greenhouse owners and gardeners in the Carolinas and Georgia, here is some disturbing news: Some tomato plants in Beaufort County, South Carolina, have recently been infected with late blight disease, the same highly infectious scourge that caused the Irish potato famine in the 1840s. Tomatoes and potatoes are related species, both belonging to the […]

Succulents – the new “in plants” for drought regions

Succulents, even those that won’t grow in colder climates, make great candidates for a greenhouse, sunroom, or even a sunny windowsill. My collection doesn’t seem to mind the dry indoor air or erratic watering. And my admiration for these low-water high-drama plants is shared by a lot of people—especially in coastal areas of California, where […]

Glass revolution! By Ethne Clarke

Glasshouses, conservatories, and the mid-century modern enclaves of Palm Springs owe much to the invention of plate glass. Glass windows have been with us since at least the 3rd century CE, but they were dim little shards held together by lead seams, fracturing and distorting the view, but letting in more light than a sheet […]

Flowers: flirty, fun and sure to attract attention

Starting annual flowers from seed in a greenhouse or under lights isn’t a whole lot different from starting tomatoes. There are still flowers you can start in April, and it’s a nice thing to do when the perennials are up 6 inches but there are still snowflakes in the air. Outdoors, the garden may not […]


Tomatoes 101 – Year Round Love in the Greenhouse

In northern parts of America greenhouse owners are just now starting tomato plants from seed ready for the new season. Under lights on the heat mat I have some fifteen varieties growing. These will be transplanted into larger pots until they are ready for my garden and the gardens of friends. But often tomato varieties […]