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Vegetable tips from gardening expert

A garden and greenhouse expert has given tips to would-be vegetable growers across the US. Laurie Garretson told the Victoria Advocate that now is a great time for growing your own fruit and vegetables. She explained that gardeners should not stress about creating the perfect green space as there is always likely to be some […]

Tomato growing tips for US gardeners

With the summer months arriving, garden and greenhouse fans have been given some useful vegetable growing tips. According to expert grower and Hunt Country Master Gardener Association president Byron Chitwood, tomatoes are still one of the most popular foods to grow. He told Country World that nothing tastes as good as the round, red fruits, […]

Enid Haupt Glass Garden in New York City

When you walk in off the street, you’ll notice an immediate change in your blood pressure. The Enid A. Haupt Glass Garden– the horticultural therapy branch of the NYU (New York University) Medical Center– is just a stone’s throw away from FDR Drive. But the tranquility of the garden, and the history of its role […]

How to get started in the garden

Would-be garden and greenhouse fans preparing to cultivate their land for the first time have been given some tips on how to get started. Booshplr.com suggested that gardeners should get their soil checked out before a seed is even planted. This way, they will be able to predict which varieties might flourish and which may […]

Pet owners should garden responsibly

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts face an added responsibility if they are pet owners, it has been claimed. A recent article on ZooToo.com advised growers to investigate the effects that horticultural products can have on cats, dogs and other animals before buying or using them. Something as simple as cocoa mulch can be extremely dangerous to […]

Garden and greenhouse fans to help website

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts are to be given the chance to share their knowledge with others and see their name in print. Suburban Journals is asking readers to submit their tips for publication in a special feature designed to get Americans growing. The Roots: Your Guide To Local Eating section is updated each week with […]

Upcoming Maine gardening events

Maine-based garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given a handy list of forthcoming horticultural events. The Free Press revealed that there are a whole host of plant shows and sales coming up this month. Many of these are taking place from tomorrow (May 15th), such as the Camden Hills Regional High School Plant Sale. Beginning […]

When to move plants around the garden

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some tips on moving plants around their green space. The Crossville Chronicle suggested that growers bide their time when it comes to transplanting spring-flowering bulbs. It explained that tulips, daffodils and other such species should be left until their foliage starts to die back and leaves turn yellow. […]