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Grow arugula in the greenhouse, expert says

Varieties of arugula – also known as rocket – developed in the last ten years grow especially well in greenhouses, an expert has suggested. In an interview with the Canadian Press, organic food producer David Cohlmeyer said these plant types have great flavour and produce a bountiful crop. Mr Cohlmeyer stated that the shape of […]

Banish Bugs in your Greenhouse

Pest control starts long before the question- “What do I spray?” This month greenhouses take center stage in the gardening year. However, insects can come along with the show. I’ve turned to Sue Nicol, a Seattle consulting horticulturalist and arborist ([email protected]) for advice on indoor pest management. Sue says, the first question all greenhouse owners […]

Vegetable Seeds

One good thing about bone-chilling weather is that it provides a chance to peruse this winter’s crop of seed catalogues indoors. I’ve only begun, but my list is growing long… Johnny’s Selected Seeds have long-supplied Northeastern market gardeners with the best in vegetable seeds; they offered organic seeds before they were readily available elsewhere. I’ll […]