Greenhouse Buying Guide: Size, Location, Type

A Victorian Lodge Greenhouse with Double Door Entrance.

If you are consideringĀ choosing a new GreenhouseĀ then hopefully this information will be helpful. Whether it is your first or an upgrade on your current structure, this guide will assist in picking the best Greenhouse for you.

What is the best location for a Greenhouse?

The best location for your Hartley Greenhouse depends on the style and size you are choosing. Large walk-in Greenhouses, perhaps for a business, will require somewhere with a bigger perimeter, while lean-to Glasshouses for more personal use will need a solid external wall on which to be built around.

  • Ideally, one long side of your Greenhouse should be south facing, so the sun will run along the length of it during the day.
  • You will also need to consider what plants you plan to grow and the sun exposure they need, when it comes to choosing a Greenhouse location.
  • Try to avoid a position in deep shade, surrounded by trees.
  • It is always useful to have electricity and/or a water supply into your Greenhouse, so consider the distance to run electric cables or a water supply to the Greenhouse site.
  • Your Hartley Greenhouse is glazed from the outside so you will need access around the sides during the initial build. This also helps the ease of general Greenhouse maintenance.
  • You should also consider the direction of the prevailing wind onto your Greenhouse to ensure good ventilation.Ā You may findĀ this article on ventilationĀ by Jean Vernon useful.

What size of greenhouse should I consider?

ā€˜I wish I had bought a bigger Greenhouseā€™ is the refrain of the Greenhouse gardener. Once you have identified your site, we recommend opting for a larger Greenhouse and installing theĀ biggest model you can fit.

Greenhouses can come in many different structures and sizes, making them adaptable for all gardens.

A typical small 6ā€™ x 8ā€™ will give scope for a good range of general Greenhouse gardening. The Hartley 3 pane lengthĀ Cottage 6Ā or Tradition 6 Planthouse will be the models to consider if this is the size for you.

If your garden can take a bigger 8ā€™ x 10ā€™ larger Greenhouse model then consider the 4 pane lengthĀ Wisley 8Ā orĀ Tradition 8.

For a big garden the 10ā€™ x 12ā€™ 5 pane length Highgrow 10 will give significant growing space.

If space is something you have a lot of, you may consider an orangery. These large walk-in Greenhouses are typically regarded as the biggest structures for growing, and also offer an area to sit and relax in too.

All the Hartley models are sectional in length so can be provided in greater lengths, in which case you may then consider internal partitions to separate growing areas.

What is the best layout for a Greenhouse?

The size and layout of your Hartley Botanic Greenhouse are entirely up to you.

The most common Glasshouse size for growers is 8 to 10 feet wide, however large Greenhouses for sale may range from 12 to 20 feet in width.


The width of your Greenhouse helps determine the size of the benches you can use, including any other Greenhouse accessories.

Benches are used by most growers. Depending on the style of your Greenhouse, you can choose from ornate staging to display your plants, premium quality aluminum shelving, or even high-level shelving allowing for more storage room and is best for low-hanging plants.


If you are planning to build a large walk-in Greenhouse, you may wish to consider an internal glass partition. These act as partitions for your Glasshouse, separating it into individual areas. This is ideal for growers who need different controlled climates and zones.

What is the best type of Greenhouse to buy?

The best type of Greenhouse to buy depends on your personal growing needs and garden space. Hartley Botanic specialize in quality Greenhouses for sale that accommodate every kind of gardener.

Greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes that each offer a unique growing advantage for your plants. For example, an entirely glass-made freestanding Greenhouse will flood your plants with light, while lean-to Greenhouses will make use of small garden spaces.

A traditional vertical-sided, pitched roof, glass-to-ground Greenhouse like the Hartley Tradition model affords lots of good growing light throughout the year.

The semi-dodecagon shape of the Hartley Wisley and Highgrow Greenhouses maximizes the amount of growing light as the sun moves across the sky, and also affords generous internal height for a roomier Greenhouse.

The Hartley Botanic Planthouse Greenhouses onto low dwarf walls are slightly warmer thanĀ glass-to-ground Greenhouses, as the brick or stone wall retains heat for your plants.

If you are looking for the best Greenhouse to grow plants from milder climates, the warmestĀ Greenhouses are lean-toĀ models when built against south-facing garden walls.

What will I grow in my Greenhouse?

The short answer is ā€˜almost anythingā€™. Consider fitting your Greenhouse with bench-height staging and higher level shelving to one side.

You will also have one side of your Greenhouse to site up to half a dozen tomato plants, or cucumbers and peppers, grown at ground level in bags or pots, or in a soil border.

All our standard models can be adapted for specialist growing. Just ask.

Do I need to considerĀ anything else?

Hartley can build custom made Greenhouses to meet your particular requirements, and can arrange to visit your site to talk over your project.

We can provide all our models with wider doors and adapted staging for wheelchair users.

Hartley offer aĀ range of standard colors that will suit most situations, but can also provide ā€˜non- standardā€™ colors upon request.Ā Please take a look at ourĀ Greenhouse ColorsĀ page for more information.

Finally, your Hartley Greenhouse can be custom-built to provide for your exact needs and the best Greenhouse for you ā€“ not only for your growing requirements but also for relaxing and to provide an escape from our hectic world.

No other greenhouse can compare to a Hartley.

lA lean-to custom greenhouse
A lean-to custom greenhouse