Greenhouse Buying Guide: Size, Location, Type

A Victorian Lodge Greenhouse with Double Door Entrance.

If you are considering choosing a new greenhouse then hopefully this information will be helpful to you, whether it is your first or an upgrade on your current structure.

Where will I site my greenhouse?

  • Ideally, one long side of your greenhouse should be south facing, so the sun will run along the length of it during the day.
  • Try to avoid a position in deep shade, surrounded by trees.
  • It is always useful to have electricity and/or a water supply into your greenhouse, so consider the distance to run electric cables or a water supply to the greenhouse site.
  • Your Hartley greenhouse is glazed from the outside so you will need access around the sides during the initial build.
  • You should also consider the direction of the prevailing wind onto your greenhouse to ensure good ventilation. You may find this article on ventilation by Jean Vernon useful.

What size of greenhouse should I consider?

‘I wish I had bought a bigger greenhouse’ is the refrain of the greenhouse gardener. Once you have identified your site, then install the largest model you can fit.

What type of greenhouse should I consider?

The warmest greenhouses are lean-to models built against south facing walls.

What will I grow in my greenhouse?

The short answer is ‘almost anything’. Consider fitting your greenhouse with bench-height staging and higher level shelving to one side.

You will also have one side of your greenhouse to site up to half a dozen tomato plants, or cucumbers and peppers, grown at ground level in bags or pots, or in a soil border.

All our standard models can be adapted for specialist growing. Just ask.

Do I need to consider anything else?

Hartley can build custom made greenhouses to meet your particular requirements, and can arrange to visit your site to talk over your project.

We can provide all our models with wider doors and adapted staging for wheelchair users.

Hartley offer a range of standard colors which will suit most situations, but can also provide ‘non- standard’ colors upon request. Please take a look at our Greenhouse Colors page for more information.

Finally, your Hartley greenhouse can be custom built to provide for your exact needs – not only for your growing requirements, but also for relaxing, and to provide an escape from our hectic world.

No other greenhouse can compare to a Hartley.

lA lean-to custom greenhouse
A lean-to custom greenhouse