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Florida gardeners urged to plant vegetables

While some areas of the US are too cold to grow anything during December and January, Florida garden and greenhouse owners can cultivate tasty crops of vegetables.

According to NaplesNews.com, now is the time to plant both annuals and vegetables in south Florida, with even those who own just a tiny patch able to enjoy some tasty grub plucked straight from the earth.

Insects and disease can be major issues for gardeners at this time of year, with fungi, bacteria, nematodes and viruses all rife, the online resource noted.

Growers should watch out for spots, blights, rots, gals or stunting, which are all signs of fungi attacking the plant.

Viruses often cause leaf mosaics and mottling with fruit mosaics, leaf distortions and stunting also common symptoms.

To prevent diseases, gardeners should choose a sunny location with good drainage to ensure soil moisture does not give bacteria a chance to breed.

Using disease-free seeds and those treated with fungicide are also wise moves, according to the website.

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