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Rambling roses and wisterias ‘will need pruning’

In an article for UK national newspaper the Guardian, former presenter of the Gardeners World television show and garden writer Alys Fowler underlined just how important it is for green-fingered enthusiasts to take action to keep certain plants in shape. She specified that pruning is particularly important in order to maintain the growths in their […]

Plants ‘regularly need to be cut back’

With fall fast approaching, it is vital that green-fingered enthusiasts do not allow their garden activities to pile up, as many plants will be requiring close care throughout late summer. In an article for the UK national newspaper the Daily Telegraph, professional gardener and writer Helen Yemm suggested that a significant amount of varieties will […]

Oriental greens ‘can be grown in a glasshouse’

Gardening enthusiasts who enjoy using their glasshouse to nurture fruit and vegetables that they can use in the kitchen when ready may wish to consider diversifying their produce. If this is the case – then why not give oriental greens some thought? In an article for UK national newspaper the Guardian, former presenter of the […]

Late flowers ‘can keep gardens colourful in fall’

As we enter late August, the summer season is due to gradually start giving way to fall, which his typically characterised by more uneven weather and a duller atmosphere all around. However, there is no need for this to apply to the garden, as green-fingered enthusiasts are able to maintain a space that can perpetuate […]

Verbascum ‘could be the ideal plant’

In an article for the UK national newspaper the Guardian, garden writer Kendra Wilson explained that great mullien is a wonderful plant. It is alternatively known by its Latin binominal name of verbascum thapsus – although it has many colloquial names, such as Aaron's Rod, Jacob's Staff, Grandmother's Flannel, Beggar's Blanket and Witch's Taper. "With […]

Six Plants for Water Gardens in Containers – the most xeric plants live in water

The hot weather chore of watering container plants can make you feel like you’re trapped in a perpetual motion machine. What, wilted again? However, you can enjoy wonderful containers that need little extra care when the temperatures soar. Simply choose plants that will consent to grow in bog conditions. Place them pot and all in […]

Add some white flowers to a garden

With so many different plants to choose from, it can be difficult for gardeners to pick a specific color scheme with which to fill their greenhouses. Indeed, there are plenty of options for those who want to set their green space apart from the crowd. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Chris Marchant from Orchard Dene […]

Adversity in the Garden

Emerging from a summer that offered plenty to complain about—unseasonably warm early temperatures followed by drought –then prolonged heat extreme even for the height of summer—it’s small comfort to learn that this season’s weather appears to be part of a larger trend. As the authors—all researchers in the earth and climate sciences– of a recent […]