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Gardeners seek to attract butterflies

Despite caterpillars at times being the bane of gardeners‘ lives, some are deliberately planting caterpillar-friendly species to help attract butterflies to their gardens and greenhouses, it has been reported. The Galveston County Daily News suggests that the “gems of the insect world” are becoming sought-after garden attractions due to their ability go “delight children and […]

Northwest Flower and Garden Show is here

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show begins tomorrow in Seattle‘s Convention Centre. Lasting four days, the event should give gardeners ideas to take back home to their own greenhouses. Offering horticulturalists the chance to see a range of gardens that have taken up to nine months of planning, the show has been running for two […]

Gardeners advised to be savvy when buying mail order plants

Gardeners have been warned to take care when ordering plants online as they will often be smaller than those available in a local gardening centre or greenhouse sale. Louisiana website thetowntalk.com‘s Dan Gill advises gardeners to go to their local greenhouse and touch and inspect any plants before buying them. He also said on the […]

Take care when choosing position of greenhouse or veg patch

Would-be gardeners looking to start growing their own vegetable gardens should begin by having their soil tested and preparing and acquiring the right tools, according to fredricksburg.com. The website recently published an article advising those who wish to start growing their own food. It suggested that gardeners position their vegetable plot in a sunny area […]

Master Gardeners launches kids’ competition

A competition has been launched in lower Columbia to awaken young people‘s interest in gardening. The Value Gardens Poster Contest is open to kids from grade one to grade 12 and requires them to create a poster based on the theme, “Why do people garden?” According to TDN.com, first place in each category receives $50 […]