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Glasshouse gardening for modern life

Living in a house built in 1958, the design of which borrows heavily from California architect, Cliff May, I am only too aware that a Glasshouse structure suited to mid-century modern style needs to be spare in form and more committed to defining architectural space than serving as a decorative ornament. Having gone through several […]

How to Help Native Plants Win Back their Territory

It’s well known that really obnoxious invasives can overpower our native plant populations. Now meet Nancy Lawson, garden columnist, habitat consultant, and author of the book, The Humane Gardener. She’s got great advice for how gardeners can assist natives to fight back—and win. In Nancy’s two-acre garden outside Baltimore, Maryland, a fallen tree allowed the […]

Fine Gardening with a Greenhouse

For many gardeners, owning a greenhouse is the epitome of fine gardening. Not only does a greenhouse enable you to cultivate plants throughout the year; it also allows you to grow plants that otherwise wouldn’t survive in your climate. Desert plants, alpine plants, rainforest tropicals, and more are all possible no matter where you live […]

Written in United Kingdom

RHS School Gardeners of the Year 2019 winners announced today!

This year, we have been thrilled to sponsor the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) School Gardeners of the Year competition. The competition shines a light on the many benefits of school gardening, from learning to improved health and wellbeing and, today, the winners have been announced! We will be awarding the competition’s main winners Hartley Botanic […]