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Make sure your plants have the help they need to beat the frost

With winter now in full swing, it's only natural for gardeners to worry about the effect that frost will have on the plants and wildlife in their green space. Cold weather – and particularly frost – can lead to lots of damage to plants, as it causes the water in their cells to freeze up, […]

Winter is the perfect time to complete gardening chores

Don't let the cold, wet, dreary weather stand in the way of your gardening – with a bit of imagination, you'll be able to find plenty to keep you occupied during the winter months. One chore that's well worth completing when the conditions are less than ideal is checking up on your garden sundries. Every […]

Rambling roses ‘need to be pruned now’

Rambling roses are a beautiful plant that could look great allowed to grow over a greenhouse or similar garden construction. They usually flower with great freedom just once a year – and this sees them produce large sprays of small to medium-sized flowers. Their stems are very strong and can grow very tall from the […]

Greenhouses ‘can protect cordyline’

Cordyline is a genus of around 15 different species of woody flowering plants from the Asparagaceae family. Their name is Greek in origin, having its etymology in the word kordyle. This translates as club – and the plant is named in reference to the enlarged rhizomes that it grows underground. They are native to the […]

Nerine and Camellia ‘still have a lot to offer late fall’

Gardens are clearly starting to fade to prepare for winter at this time, but there are still a few plants that are enjoying something of a last hurrah. Nerine and Camellia are just two of these. Nerine is native to South Africa – and it is the name of the genus that includes about 30 […]

Beyond a Rain Barrel – One Oregon homeowner solves her watering problems

Weather patterns that swing between drought and deluge are becoming more common over much of the U.S. So what’s a home gardener to do? You might think about capturing some of what here in the Pacific Northwest we call “liquid sunshine.” This month we check out one Oregon homeowners’ system that combines practicality with a […]