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Gardening addictions – trying to break them

It’s a new year, with a new gardening season on the way. That doesn’t just mean trying new plants; it means trying to remember all the things I vowed last summer I’d never do again. When you’re dreaming up the garden inside a well-heated conservatory or cozy living room in January, it can be easy […]

Glitter is crushing us – Greenery is a soothing gift.

I brought the houseplants in from the garden late this year (thank you, weather gods, for a warm October with no freezing nights). As I did it, I was creating holiday gifts, without ever going near the stores where glittery Santas are swiftly replacing glittery pumpkins. I know several people who’ve recently moved, and I’m […]

What’s a leaf and what’s a work of art? Or maybe they both are.

That’s the idea that seems to underlie the exhibitions of art glass by Dale Chihuly that travel to botanical gardens around the world. In September, I saw the latest version at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on a tour as part of the annual conference of the Association of Garden Communicators. The fantastic and colorful glass […]

Flowers: flirty, fun and sure to attract attention

Starting annual flowers from seed in a greenhouse or under lights isn’t a whole lot different from starting tomatoes. There are still flowers you can start in April, and it’s a nice thing to do when the perennials are up 6 inches but there are still snowflakes in the air. Outdoors, the garden may not […]

Timing is everything: in life and in seed starting

In February, a gardener’s fancy turns to starting seeds under lights: cabbages that can be transplanted into the garden in early spring; the earliest annuals, such as violas and snapdragons; and those that take a really long time, like petunias. Even if you have a greenhouse, you’ll need a light setup to give most plants […]