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Still a good time to plant vegetables

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts looking to start a vegetable plot can still get their produce into the ground, despite the fact that it is now autumn.

According to the Miami Herald, growers in some areas can take advantage of the temperate weather to get seedlings into the ground.

It noted that older, larger seedlings may be difficult to transplant, but added that those looking to grow beans should buy them dry from a grocery store.

South Florida gardeners were advised to grow food in a raised bed, which need not be much bigger than four by eight feet for one person.

Plenty of compost, cow manure and potting soil should help create a rich environment for the seeds to grow.

Meanwhile, growers in Massachusetts may be interested to learn that the Salem News has published a calendar listing all the forthcoming gardening events in the local area.

  • Anton

    I started out sevreal years ago learning as I went along and now this year I have decided to have just herbs in big containers with sand and pea gravel throughout the walking area next year. The first year I dug everything really well and used lots of peat and manure and it was wonderful. But as time went by I got older and tireder of doing all that work so this year I still have the herbs, roses, raspberry bushes and just one big tomato plant and one pepper plant. It’s easier to just buy from the farmer’s market only 15 minutes from my house. The point is that I have been out there every year and it is so healthy for mind, body, and soul, that I will probably always have something in that corner. Like I heard from so many gardeners when I started, it can always be changed or moved if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you. That’s the great part, it is NOT SET IN CONCRETE. Just have fun!! Just do what you love instead of struggling to do it right. Any plant that makes you go oooooh, get it.

    • Leonardo

      First make sure you put down some weed barrier. You can get it at a store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. It will keep the weed from coimng up. Then put miracle grow or a similar brand of soil on top of that making a raised bed. 99% of the time the soil already in your yard doesn’t have the right texture or ability to control moisture. Then get some flowering shrubs, like Indian Hawthorne. It will stay green year round and flower in the spring. Then when you buy perennials use ones that flower at different times of the year so that something is always blooming in your garden. I like to use hardy plants like Plumbego that don’t reqire much watering. Then just make sure you water it when the soil feels dry one inch below the surface, and not any more often than that. That should keep it low maintenence an beautiful all year!