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How to save seeds for 2011

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who wish to save seeds for next year should know that having the correct storage is the key to their success.

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, getting this right can significantly boost your chances of a plentiful 2011 crop.

Hybrid vegetable seeds should not be kept, the newspaper advised, but tomato, peas, lettuce, beans, cabbage, cucumber and watermelon seeds should be fairly easy to look after.

Be sure to label and date containers, which should be made of glass with an air-tight lid.

Before placing the seeds in these storage units, they should be air-dried to ensure as much moisture as possible has evaporated.

The containers should then be stored in a refrigerator at between 35 and 50 degrees F.

Meanwhile, the article also advised garden and greenhouse fans to rake up leaves from around fruit trees to help avoid disease and reduce insect populations.

Removing any fallen fruit is also an idea, while grass around the base of the tree should be cut to avoid pesky mice and voles chewing on the bark.

In other news, caller.com has drawn readers' attention to the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Centre's Wine & Herb Festival.