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Green bean growing tips

Americans hoping to grow green beans in their garden or greenhouse may be interested in the tips offered by OrganicAuthority.com.

The online resource tipped the food as “one of the quintessential organic veggies of summer”, adding that it yields a large crop per square foot.

It suggested that gardeners space their plants around two to four inches apart, with seeds planted around one to 1.5 inches deep.

Growing green beans in wide rows is a good way of shading out weeds, although those who find they have to get in and weed out the pesky foreign specimens should be sure to just grab them from the surface to help protect the roots of their veggies.

“Mulch snap beans to help keep the soil cool and retain moisture,” the website recommended. “Water plants during the summer if rainfall is less than one inch per week.”

While fertiliser should not be a necessity, some soils may require a little extra nourishment mixed in to the top three or four inches of ground before planting.

Meanwhile, AZcentral.com has published a number of tips for those growing cacti and succulents.