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Warm weather garden and greenhouse advice

As garden and greenhouse enthusiasts will know, water is the source of life and this applies as much to plants as it does to humans.

As such, the Virginia Star Exponent has given growers a number of tips on how to properly care for their green space during the warmer, drier months.

It noted that plants that are watered deeply are more likely to grow a stronger and more complex root system than those which are given frequent, light drinks.

Having deeper roots will help during dry periods as it will allow the plants to tap into groundwater stored further beneath the surface.

Meanwhile, containers and hanging baskets should be watered on a daily basis as they tend to dry out quickly in hot weather.

It is important to remember that new plants‘ roots will not have established themselves yet, so they will also need a more frequent watering than their older cousins.

In other news, press-banner.com recently featured an article in which the Mountain Gardener gave watering tips.