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Grow certain plants together

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told that it can often be beneficial to grow certain types of plants together.

According to Coloradoan.com, this is true of corn, pole beans and squash, which can be planted in the vegetable patch.

The idea is that the three species will complement each other, with the squash shading out the weeds and keeping animals from eating the corn, while the pole beans provide the corn stalks with something to climb.

Meanwhile, the online resource also had some suggestions for those growing spring bulbs, noting that flowers should not be trimmed back until the leaves of the bulbs die back.

When removing the heads, gardeners should cut the stem around an inch below the top, which will allow the rest of the plant to continue to feed the bulb.

Adding a half-strength application of bloom-boosting fertiliser should also help to promote growth next year.

Meanwhile, NPR.org has published some information on how to grow a vegetable garden on a budget.